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Imaging platforms used for Verity IA software solutions:

1.  Desktop scanner with scan bed dimensions 8.5” x 11”

2.  Desktop scanner with scan bed dimensions 12” x 17”

3.  Continuous feed scanner with 24” width, floor standing or desktop

Desktop scanner format

The standard desktop format scanner is useful in testing handsheets up to 10” diameter.  Verity IA Light & Dark software is designed for the desktop scanner output formats. 

Verity IA recommends the Epson V850 Pro scanner.

In addition to producing high-quality image scans, the V850 scanner bed is sealed around its perimeter, providing water penetration resistance. This makes the V850 an ideal platform for use with the RMD Wet Method, for which wet handsheets are placed on the scanner bed.

Large-format desktop scanner format

Verity IA recommends the Epson Expression 12000 XL scanner for testing paper specimens cut to larger sizes, such as the standard 12” x 12” format.  This scanner features 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution and a fast-warmup LED lamp. 

The high-resolution scans produce data about dirt counts and anomalies over a larger area.  It is also valuable to have a large surface area scan when evaluating surface mottle and variability.  This variability analysis can be applied to print images or to unprinted board surfaces.  The Verity IA Target Mottle Variation is designed to work with these large-format scans.

Continuous-feed scanner format

With a continuous-feed scanner, the analysis of dirt and anomalies can be carried out on a full machine-width reel strip.  With a highly precise engineering-grade scanner, the data from a full strip scan is available in less than 5 minutes, using the Verity IA StripScan dirt count software.

Verity IA supplies the Contex IQ Quattro 2400 scanner for this application.

The scanner is supplied with its own stand and can be configured for bench top operation.

Computer Hardware

Verity IA Software will recommend computer hardware specifications but, in general, will not supply computers and peripherals except for scanners.  These specifications are designed to get the best performance of the PC to the functions that need it.  In general, that means sufficient processing power for analyzing the scanned images, and provision for storage of data and image files. 

Local standards for computer equipment specifications, communications and maintenance should be reviewed with an eye to the requirements of the Verity IA software and data communication requirements.

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