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Verity IA StripScan System

Verity IA StripScan System

Not only do you get the classic speck and particle identifier of Light & Dark, but you also get the added feature of Full Reel Strip Image Capture, using a wide-format continuous-feed scanner.  It’s no longer necessary to cut the strip into small samples for individual scanning.


StripScan can scan and test a full machine width reel strip and return results in under 4 minutes.


Verity IA StripScan Software features:

  • Measures full paper machine width, no limit
  • Measures defects that contrast both lighter and darker than the specimen background
  • Data are reported on:  defect area, PPM, circularity and luminance
  • A pre-formatted report in Excel is generated and automatically saved
  • Scanned images are archived


The Operator Interface presents a set of simplified controls to initiate a scan and record the results.  When the scan is done, the key data are reported for transcription, and a Machine Width Profile Graph is generated as a visual alert for anomalie distribution.


    Totals Reported In Excel

    Total Count & PPM.  These totals are also presented in a machine-width graph showing the profile of sectional totals across the web.

    Average Circularity of Speck
    Area Covered by Specks
    Average Area of Speck


    Scanner hardware and floor stand are shipped directly to the mill.  The scanner comes with a service warranty for authorized Contex scanner service.  Outside the United States, scanners are provided and serviced by authorized regional Contex dealers.


    Inspect more area in less time.  Get total results in under 5 minutes.

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