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Light & Dark Dirt Count

Light & Dark Dirt Count

This is the classic speck and particle identifier.  Dirt specks and other anomalies are identified apart from their background, counted, sorted by shape category and measured for area.  Totals are reported in Excel:  PPM, Count,

Area covered by specks

Average area of speck

Average circularity of speck

What makes Verity IA different:  Up to 3 different speck types can be quantified in a single scan:

Dark Objects on a Light Background

Light Objects on a Dark Background

Special conditions of color, size, shape or luminosity

  • Technical Details

    Uses a desktop flatbed scanner, either a standard 8.5” x 11” format, or a 12" x 17" scanner that can accept industry standard 12" x 12" test specimens. We recommend and supply an Epson V800 Photo scanner or equivalent for the smaller standard.  If working with standard 12 x 12 specimens we will supply an Epson wide-bed scanner like the 12000XL Graphic Arts Scanner.

    A PC with Windows 10 and a local copy of Excel. The PC should have 7 or more cores and 16 GB of memory.  If storing image files on the PC, a 2 - 4 TB drive or internal network cloud should be provided as the image files can take up a lot of memory space.

    Verity IA supplies a weighted specimen pallet to hold curled samples flat against the scanner glass.  What’s included:  Verity IA Light & Dark software, license, security key, and weighted pallet.

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