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Dirt Count and Surface Variability

Verity IA Software has been providing Quality Evaluation products and services to the Paper and Print industries since 1995.  The company was a major contributor to the adoption of desktop scanning technology to serve Quality Control objectives regarding quantification of dirt counts and other contaminant evaluation.  We were the first to provide full-color dirt scans of liner board and other grades, quantifying both Light and Dark Contaminants in a single scan.

With the increasing use of recycled materials, there was an interest in quantifying Stickies.  Verity IA developed the RMD Wet Method of Stickies analysis, which is still used in the industry.  

Responding to the needs of our customers, Verity IA developed the SFDA (Stochastic Frequency Distribution Analysis) method for quantifying numerically the visual variability of surfaces.  This analysis is used on paper surfaces, coated materials, print, etc., in a wide variety of applications.

Today, Verity IA Software is applying new tools and capacities of computer hardware and software to produce more efficient test methods and results.  For example, the StripScan product can read and evaluate a full machine-width strip for dirt count in less than 5 minutes. 

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